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Lonnie's Legacy

Lonnie’s story is not unique but it is significant. He was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma when he was 19 and cured. The treatment placed him at higher risk for developing lung cancer later in life. With this knowledge, Lonnie lived a lifetime in his brief 44 years. He traveled to Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, Switzerland, India, Canada, France, Jamaica, Costa Rica, Mexico and all 50 states. He biked across several parts of the country, joined ski patrol, became an EMT, and hiked parts of the Appalachian Trail, all before settling down.

Legwork for Lungs 2015 results

2015 results - short Official from Compuscore


Below are short results. Full, official from Compuscore here Gender Age Group Age Graded Place Runner City/Town,State Age Sx U Code Time Pace Place Place PLP 1.Matt Tarentino Somerville,NJ 27 M 18:59.00 6:06 1/43 M15-29:1/8 68.39 2.Robyn Evangelist Galloway,NJ 26 F U 19:06.00 6:08 1/58 F15-29:1/17 77.31 3.Richard Gerstner Flemington,NJ 27 M 20:08.30 6:28 2/43 M15-29:2/8 64.43 4.Paul Fiorilla Watchung,NJ 54 M U 20:21.62 6:33 3/43 M45-59:1/13 74.71 5.John Kavouras Basking Ridge,NJ 15 M 20:25.

Race Day Pictures - November 15, 2015

Pictures from the race day are available here

LFL 2015 was a great success!

Thank you everyone (and by everyone we mean all runners, walkers, volunteers, sponsors, and donors) for contributing to the Legwork for Lungs event! Hopefully, our efforts will be rewarded and the sum of our efforts creates an impact. We’re proud to announce that the 2015 Legwork for Lungs Team raised a total of $5,474 for Dr. Paik’s lung cancer research at MSKCC. And, of course, let’s not limit your support to 2015 - make sure to join us next year at our now third annual run.

2015 Race Day Video

Our 2015 Sponsors

Thank you to all the local businesses who gave us some of their resources that will be used to make our event a success! If you would like to become a sponsor, please click here. Gold Level Sponsors Silver Level Sponsors Eric Roos Insurance and Financial Services Frank H. Ricker DMD Bronze Level Sponsors

Project Multiply: A Study of Cancer

Project Multiply will be a mini-exposition displayed in the Liberty Science Center in NJ all day on Saturday, September 17th in the PSE&G courts. Overview Cancer is everywhere, but not enough people seem to talk about what it really is. Learning about the science of cancer can make the subject less frightening and more approachable. We hope to educate young Liberty Science Center-goers about the biology behind this often scary sounding term.

Why Lung Cancer?

Nastassja Kuznetsova - Race Director Four and a half years ago, a close family friend of mine was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer, a disease with a median survival of 8 months after diagnosis and a 1% 5 year survival rate. She went to the doctor because she had a little cough. I was 12 years old at the time, old enough to undestand most of the gravity of the situation, and although the concept of death did and still does appear surreal, I knew that I wanted to somehow help.

The Old Cause Page

Lately, it seems cancer is everywhere – in books, movies, a slew of fundraisers like this one, and most terrifyingly people’s lives. My personal reason to raise money for lung cancer research is because 4 and a half years ago, a close family friend was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. The 5 year survival rate for this cancer is 1% with a median survival rate of 8 months after diagnosis (cancer.

Registration Completed!

Thank you for registering! Your registration has been completed and if you made a PayPal payment, a confirmation e-mail has been sent to you. If you have a PayPal account, you may log in to www.paypal.com and view the details of this transaction Should you have any questions please contact us using information at the bottom of the page. Spread the word! Help us increase the amount of runners by sharing that you’ve just registered on Facebook!


Registration form Email: First Name: Last Name: Gender: Male Female Event: – select race or walk – 5k Run Mile Walk 5k race fee is $25, Mile walk is $10. USATF-NJ Members will be given a $3 race discount for pre-registration. If applicable, please enter your USATF-NJ number below. USATF Number: You can run as a part of a team. Coworkers, schoolmates, families or anybody else can form a team!

Community Service

Are you a sophomore looking to complete the 25 mandatory hours of Community Service? Or, are you interested in receiving other, official Ridge High School approved Community Service Hours? Well, we need your help, and we’ll make sure you are able to meet your goal at Legwork for Lungs. Contact info@legworkforlungs.org to find out how you can help. Tell us a little bit about yourself, and we’ll direct you to an area that aligns with your strengths and interests.

Year 1: Summary of 2014

Nastassja Kuznetsova When I decided how I would fundraise for my family friend (learn more about her here), I had to actually go ahead and organize an entire 5k. My parents were immediately on board, and soon I was making naïve and far-fetched predictions. Reality took over about the time my parents told me I had to use my own money and thus began the process of sponsoring. Several times a week from August until October I would roundup a couple of my friends, put on nice clothes, get the ever-ready stack of pamphlets and flyers, and head out.

Save the Date!

The Legwork for Lungs 5k is officially scheduled for November 20th, 2016 in Mountain Park, Basking Ridge, NJ. This year’s fundraising goal is $10,000 for Dr. Paik’s lung cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center! We’re proud to announce that within the week that we’ve started fundraising, we’ve already raised over $1,000 from contributions from local businesses in the Basking Ridge area. Are you a sophomore or would like some community service hours?

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Legwork for Lungs 5k and Mile Walk

Hey there, Do you want to have a goal 5k to train for? Or do you want to run for a good cause? Maybe, you just want to spend a nice Sunday morning walking a mile surrounded by friends, music, and food. Perhaps you want to see if you can win one of our great prizes, either from our 10+ mini carnival games, Tug-of-War battle, or by being a top finisher.

Race Day Pictures

Hello everyone! Thank you for making this past weekend an excellent event, and I hope you’ll wear your T-shirts loud and proud.Sorry for the slight delay, but we finally have all our pictures ready for everyone to see. Click the link to view the photos – we made sure that we got at least one shot of everyone. In case you didn’t see them, the race results are here. Congratulations to our first place overall winner Tucker Dunn, 14, from Hillsbourough with an impressive time of 20:30.

Nastassja's Success at Newburgh half-marathon

Congratulations to our race director Nastassja Kuznetsova! She was the first female (19 years old and under) at Newburgh Running Festival last Saturday with 2:02'18" time

Memorial Sloan Kettering Donor Reception

On Tuesday, May 12th, Nastassja Kuznetsova attended the Annual Donor Reception at Memorial Sloan Kettering where our fundraising efforts were acknowledged. She hopes to be back next year having fullfilled her $5000 donation goal from the 2nd annual Lework for Lungs 5k.

SAVE THE DATE: November 15th - Legwork for Lungs 5K & Mile Walk!

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who participated in the last year’s Legwork for Lungs 5K & Mile Walk! Without the contribution of every runner, walker, volunteer, or donor that we had we would have never been able to raise the $2,750 that went directly to Dr. Paiek’s lung cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center as this event’s proceeds. Make sure to mark November 15th on your calendar as race day this year.

My Mother Eileen

by Scott Lerner What a meaningful act of generosity and kindness. Nastassja - you and your family should be so proud. Here is my story. So, I am driving to work one day last fall… And out of the corner of my eye, I see a lawn sign with the words “Legwork for Lungs”. I read it closer to see that it was a race to help cure lung cancer. To me this was more than a sign, but rather a sign from above.

Our new lawn signs are ready!

We needed a new lawn signs this year and just got them! The signs look great. Thank you to our sponsor Jeevy Computers! This year’s Legwork For Lungs 5K run and mile walk is only 4 weeks away and we hope that you’ve already had a chance to sign up for this year’s race.

Run, Andrei, Run!

We’d like to wish our good friend and Legwork for Lungs' Forrest Gump Andrei Volkov good luck at the NYC Marathon November 1st (this Sunday). This is his 11th marathon - he’s already competed in marathons across the World, including Berlin (Germany), Philadelphia, Boston, Athens (Greece), Jerusalem (Israel), Chicago, China (Great Wall), Pocono, Medoc (France), Stockholm (Sweden). He’s also participated in several trail ultramarathons and countless 1/2 marathons, Mud Runs, 15K, 10K, and 5K all over America, Europe, and Asia.

Press Time

Just two more days to pre-register for the Legwork for Lungs 5k Run and Mile Walk before prices go up! We’d like to send a big thank you again to Charlie Zavalick, Editor of the Bernardsville News, for publishing an article about our event.

Dr. Paik's Interview at Memorial Sloan Kettering

I met up with Dr. Paik in his office on the Upper East Side in New York City with his two assistants. It was great to finally meet the person who has been using our community’s donation to help develop potential new treatments, and I was overall amazed at how he was able to describe complex concepts in an understandable and engaging way. At some parts during the interview, my contact with MSK, Colleen Hanley, and my mom, Valentina, couldn’t help but chime in with their own questions.