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You are NOT done yet!

We collected your informaion for the race/walk, but you did not make your payment. If you are having difficulties with your payment, please contact us using info at the bottom of the page. If you were instructed/prefered to register multiple people without paying for each of them (and then make one payment at the end), click the button below to continue. DON’T FORGET to send us an email after registering the LAST person, so we can provide you with proper link for the payment.

Our Sponsors

Thank you to all the local businesses who gave us some of their resources that will be used to make our event a success! If you would like to become a sponsor, please click here. Gold Level Sponsors Bentlin Products, LLC Silver Level Sponsors Bisogno, Loeffler & Zelley: Attorneys at Law Bronze Level Sponsors

Who we Are

The Legwork for Lungs Club is a group of worldwide individuals committed to increasing lung cancer support and awareness through the organization of grassroots events in our community. We’re not some multibillion dollar organization; in fact most of our members and all of our leadership is made up of teenagers. This has not stopped us, however, from raising $18,000+ for Dr. Paik’s lung cancer research at MSKCC, and this years goal is another $7,000, which would bring our total to $25,250 over the past 3 years.

Interview Transcript With MSK Dr. Paik Now Availlable!

Hey there! We wanted to let you know about some new material available on our website. As part of our new educational outreach, we interviewed onclogist Dr. Paik, the recepient of all of Legwork for Lungs' contribution. See the full interview transcript now available here: MSK Interview The Legwork for Lungs Team

The 20 Day Lung Cancer Awareness Campaign

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Chances are, you probably didn’t know that, and that’s what we’re trying to change that with our Facebook campaign, showcasing our supporters around the world along with a startling fact about lung cancer each day. Interested in participating? Send us a pic or video of you holding a sign that expresses your support, and we’ll make sure to feature you on that page!

2016 Official 5K Race Results

Legwork For Lungs 2016 5K results can be found HERE

2016 Race Day Pictures

2016 Race Day Pictures can be found here If you have good pictures from the race, please share with us! Happy Thanksgiving!